Patient Results

Before committing to any type of surgery you want to know what you can expect. The BalancedBack® total disc replacement procedure is still relatively new, but we’ve been consistently collecting data since the first surgery was performed twelve years ago.

By sharing the results of actual BalancedBack® patients, we hope you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether or not the procedure might be right for you.

Each month we’ll update our results to reflect the latest data. You can always access previous months’ data using the link below.

BalancedBack® Patient Results as of: October 2019

Surgical stats:

83 patients
118 levels treated

Reflects the number of surgeries performed per month and the number of vertebral levels operated on.

72% Pain reduction

Reflects the percentage decrease in patient-perceived pain level after surgery.

71% Increase in ability

Reflects the percentage of improvement from severe disability before surgery to minimal disability after.

94% Patient satisfaction

Reflects the extent to which patients are satisfied with the results of the surgery overall.

19-79 Patient ages

Encompasses the age range of actual BalancedBack® patients.

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