Total Lumbar Arthroplasty:
Patient Stories

Watch these videos to see what the path to recovery looked like
for these BalancedBack™ patients.

Travis Teter

"I would say this is the best I've felt—five days after surgery—than I have in the last two months."

After more than ten years of racing snow mobiles and motocross, and a number of accidents later, Travis started to experience debilitating back pain. Doctors performed a fusion, but there were days when Travis would be out of commission and in extreme pain even after the fusion. See how BalancedBack™ changed his life.

Corey Hepker

"Over the last five or six years, I don't remember a day that I've gotten out of bed and not hurt."

When 18 year old Corey Hepker experienced a dirt bike incident that left his legs numb, he underwent a spinal fusion. Now in his early 30s, here's what he has to say about the experience... and where BalancedBack™ comes in.

Carol Smith

"For six months I ended up sleeping in a camping recliner. Walking seemed to be the only thing that would give me semi-relief."

After suffering from a degenerative spine for many years, doctors recommended everything from injections to fusion. After hearing about BalancedBack™, Carol underwent the surgery, and within a couple of days, she was finally able to sleep through the night in her own bed.

Michael Brady

"I had an 18 degree curvature of the spine and I realized when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't stand straight."

As his back pain continued to worsen over the years, physical therapy and stretching no longer relieved Michael's pain. Fusion was not something he wanted to go through, but he thought it was his only option—until his doctor recommended BalancedBack™.

BJ Boender

"BalancedBack™ has given me my life back."

On December 25, BJ was cutting firewood on the family farm. In a moment his life changed forever as his lower back gave out and he suffered a ruptured disc. See how the BalancedBack™ procedure gave BJ his life back.

Mr. Barnes

"When I woke up from anesthesia, I had absolutely, absolutely, no back pain whatsoever."

Mr. Barnes had very severe stenosis of the spinal nerve roots and needed implants at two levels of the spine. The surgeons placed the implants at angles to make his posture more erect, which would help him walk upright again.

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