A New Treatment Option For Back & Leg Pain

As the first “total” joint for the lumbar spine, BalancedBack® can address a variety of conditions, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you have one or more of the conditions listed below, you will benefit most from the procedure.


Degenerative disc disease

Discs naturally wear out over time and sometimes need to be replaced. Very often, however, a degenerated disc is accompanied by degenerating facet joints, which compress nerves and cause back and leg pain. The BalancedBack® Total Joint Replacement is the only device that replaces both the facet joints and the worn-out disc.

Severe facet arthropathy (facet joint arthritis)

Similar to degenerative disc disease, arthritic joints are sometimes accompanied by worn-out discs. BalancedBack® replaces both elements of the joint.

Severe spinal stenosis

The narrowing of the passages of the spinal cord constricts the nerves, and sometimes requires decompression to remove the offending material. More often than not, removing the bone or disc material creates spinal instability. The BalancedBack® procedure allows surgeons to address the decompression while at the same time restabilizing the spine.

Grade 1 spondylolisthesis

Forward slippage of a disc in the spinal column, either due to a defect in the facet joints or natural wear and tear of the disc, is usually accompanied by some degree of spinal stenosis. A BalancedBack® Total Joint Replacement provides a new disc and facet joints and stabilizes the spine.

Recurring herniated discs

Treating a disc herniation multiple times wears down the disc to the point where it eventually becomes unstable. BalancedBack® replaces the problematic disc and stabilizes the spine.

Knowledge Center Resources

To read more about some of these conditions and how they can be addressed with BalancedBack®, visit our Knowledge Center. Use the links below to get direct access to condition-specific information contributed by our medical team.

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Travis Teter

Travis Teter

"I would say this is the best I've felt—five days after surgery—than I have in the last two months."

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