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Total disc replacement

Would You Benefit From Total Disc Replacement Surgery Or Not?

Think disc replacement surgery is your best option for back pain relief? See if your condition is described here to find out.

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Meet The BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement Team

Wondering who’s behind the BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement? Here’s a rundown of our team members and their qualifications.

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How The Total Disc Replacement Procedure Works

Learn the details of BalancedBack surgery step by step.

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Back Surgery In Your 40s: Total Disc Replacement, Fusion, & BalancedBack

Have you been told you need surgery to address your back pain? If you’re in your 40s, here’s what you need to know before making a decision.

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Total Disc Replacement At Age 50/60

Thinking of having a total disc replacement at age 50 or 60? Here’s why it probably won’t produce the results you expect.

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Total Disc Replacement In Your 30s: Is it right for you?

Are you in your 30s and considering a total disc replacement for back pain? Here are some things to think about—and an alternative that could be a better option.

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