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Disc replacement

Disc Replacement Vs. Spinal Fusion: 4 Things To Consider

Facing a choice between disc replacement and spinal fusion? Read this before making a decision.

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What Is A Total (Or Artificial) Disc Replacement?

Considering artificial disc replacement surgery? Read this first.

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Anterior Lumbar Disc Replacement: Ask The Surgeon These Questions First

If you’re not sure whether an anterior lumbar disc replacement will relieve your back pain—or are unsure about your options—here are four questions you can ask your doctor to find out for sure.

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Comparing The M6 Artificial Disc Vs. BalancedBack

Are you looking at the M6 artificial disc as an option for treating your back pain? Before you commit, read this.

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BalancedBack's Disc Replacement Procedure: A Patient’s Story

What is the BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement procedure really like? We share one patient’s story here.

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Anterior Disc Replacement Vs. Posterior Joint Replacement

Which will work better for you—an anterior disc replacement or a posterior total joint replacement? Read here to find out.

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