10 Most Popular Back Surgery & Health Articles From 2019

10 Most Popular Back Surgery & Health Articles From 2019

If you’ve been following the BalancedBack blog this year, you know we’ve covered a lot of ground in the areas of back surgery and spinal health and wellness. You might also know our point of view regarding the importance of patient education: Before going ahead with any type of surgery—back surgery included—it’s important for you to gather information about your condition and the available treatments from a variety of sources (in addition to your doctor).

Our Knowledge Center is a great repository of information for back surgery candidates. Below we’ve rounded up our most popular articles from the past year; many of them are applicable to anyone interested in back health.

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10 Most Popular Back Surgery & Health Articles From 2019

1. Safe Exercises For A Bulging Disc (50,676 views)

Suffering from a bulging disc? Many doctors start by recommending a regimen of conservative treatment options along with a healthy dose of exercise if the pain is at a tolerable level. This article describes the appropriate types of stretches, aerobic activities, and leg-strengthening activities for people with this condition. It also answers a few common questions about bulging discs related to treatment and the healing process.

2. Spinal Stenosis: Exercises To Avoid (32,360 views)

Unlike a bulging disc, spinal stenosis isn’t particularly affected by exercise. In fact, some exercises will aggravate your condition. But if you enjoy exercising and want to avoid that aggravation, take a look at this article. It identifies three exercises you should stay away from if you have spinal stenosis—and some alternatives for each.

3. Exercises To Avoid For A Herniated, Bulging, Or Slipped Disc (31,086 views)

While our most popular article focuses on the best exercises to do for a bulging disc, coming in just two spots below that is what exercises you should avoid. That’s because people with back problems are often encouraged to exercise, though they usually aren’t given much direction on exactly what to do. This article covers five common exercises to stay away from.

4. How To Heal A Bulging Disc Naturally (20,012 views)

Bulging discs are incredibly common—that’s probably the reason why they’re the subject of # of our top 10 most-viewed articles. This article covers a variety of natural treatments available for bulging disc sufferers. These are the first steps you should take while waiting to see if it will heal on its own.

5. 3 Strengthening Exercises For Flat Back Syndrome (11,170 views)

Many cases of flat back syndrome—a condition where the back has lost some of its normal curvature—are brought on by muscle tightness. This article describes the types of exercises that can help overcome these muscle deficiencies, and answers some common questions about flat back syndrome.

6. Types Of Back Surgery: The Complete List Of Options (7,338 views)

If you’re confused by the multitude of websites providing information on different types of back surgery for different conditions, take a look here. This article describes your surgical options, starting with the two root causes of back pain and the various procedures that address each of them. It also includes a description of the BalancedBack procedure and when it can be helpful.

7. Are There Permanent Restrictions After A Spinal Fusion? (6,887 views)

A common question that plagues patients considering spinal fusion is how it will impact them in the long term—will there be activities they can no longer do? Although the answer will be different for everyone, this article attempts to address that question, describing the typical course of recovery and the possibilities regarding limited movement after fusion.

8. What To Do If You Have A Bulging Disc In Your Lower Back (6,016 views)

Not sure what course of action to take if you have a bulging disc? This article sums it up for you—and provides some interesting statistics around this common condition.

9. What Is Spinal Stenosis? (4,632 views)

Everything you need to know about spinal stenosis is in this post, including an explanation of what it is, symptoms, and treatment options. And because the BalancedBack procedure can address spinal stenosis, we include some information about the procedure here as well.

10. What Causes Spinal Fusion Complications Years Later? (4,620 views)

This article explains the primary cause of spinal fusion complications—adjacent segment degeneration—in detail. It’s important to fully understand this condition, including what it is and why it happens, before undergoing a fusion.

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