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What Is Adjacent Segment Disease & How Does It Occur?

Spinal fusion has a bad name for a good reason. Read more

How To Find The Right Motion-Preserving Spinal Surgery

For some patients with back and/or leg pain, it’s clear that surgery will be needed. What’s less clear, in most cases, is what type of surgery they need. Read more

BalancedBack's™ Disc Replacement Procedure: A Patient’s Story

Don Jarrell’s “Pops”—is 79 years old. According to Don, Pops has always been a force of nature. He was a schoolteacher in Warner Robins, Georgia, for 19 years; a longtime organizer of a popular Chattanooga-area ... Read more

Types Of Back Surgery: The Complete List Of Options

As you may have already discovered, doing research on the different types of back surgery isn’t as straightforward as it seems. In this article, we try to put back surgery into perspective from a patient’s point of ... Read more

Anterior Disc Replacement Vs. Posterior Joint Replacement

If you’re considering back surgery to alleviate back or leg pain, among your most significant concerns is probably this: As a result of surgery, will I be able to return to and enjoy the activities I love—without pain ... Read more

Disc Replacement Recovery: How Long Will It Take?

Patients heading into any type of surgery almost always have one common question: How long will it take to recover? Back surgery is no exception.  Read more

Lumbar Lordosis: What You Can Do To Address Curvature Of The Spine

The next time you stand up, take notice of your posture. Is your head positioned over your pelvis, or is it slightly forward or backward? The answer could indicate an issue related to the curve of your spine, ... Read more

Spondylolisthesis Vs. Spondylolysis

Confused about spondylolisthesis vs. spondylolysis? These two medical terms are so close in spelling (not to mention their equally challenging pronunciations) that it can be difficult to recall which term refers to ... Read more

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms & Treatment (In Layman's Terms)

If you look up the definition of the word stenosis, you’ll see something like this:   Read more

Exercises To Avoid For A Herniated, Bulging, Or Slipped Disc

Disc-related problems are painful. Whatever the term used to describe your condition (herniated, bulging, and slipped disc are sometimes used interchangeably), all refer to the same type of complication and, therefore, ... Read more